About Grace Kids:

What is Grace Kids? A fun, safe place for kids to discover the adventure of following Jesus.

Who can attend Grace Kids? All children from ages 1 to Grade 6 can be signed into Grace Kids by their parents.

What happens at Grace Kids? We use creative, relevant and age appropriate bible teaching, a time of singing, dedicated small group and activity time to ensure that kids get the most out of their hour on Sunday.

When does Grace Kids happen? Grace Kids runs every Sunday at all our servuces

Here for the First Time?

Keeping Kids Safe

Please complete your details on our Parent/Child information card so that we have your details and can communicate with you appropriately. Then give the registration team member your child’s name and they will then give you 2 tags – one for your child and one for you. Each name tag will have a unique matching code.

Your child’s safety is one of our highest values at Grace Kids therefore please ensure you keep your tag and hand it in to collect your child so we ensure they go from the safety of our care into the safety of your care.

If for any reason we need to call you during the service, the unique tag code will appear on the screens in the auditorium.

Age Appropriate Environments

Creche : For Ages 1 – 3 years

The crèche facility is staffed by dedicated team members who will love and care for your little one while you enjoy the service. Their hour will is filled with time for play, singing and stories.

What if my child won’t settle? Our amazing team members will do everything they can to comfort your child. However if we are unable to console them, we’ll let you know via the screens in the auditorium, so keep your tag with your unique code handy. You are also welcome to stay with them for some of the time for your first couple of visits until they settle.

What if my child needs a nappy change? Please leave your child’s nappy bag with a spare nappy in the room. Our team members are happy to change your child’s nappy if necessary.

Specific Requirements: If you have anything specific that you need us to do for your child during the hour, for example give them their milk etc please let the team member on duty know and leave them with all the necessary.

When does my child move to the next age group environment? When your child goes to Grade 000 at a Pre School they can move up to Grace Kids Pre Primary.

Pre Primary: For Children in Gr000 – Gr R

Our pre schoolers enjoy a structured time of play, singing and a story followed by a fun activity or craft to reinforce what they have learnt.

When does my child move to the next age group environment? When your child goes to Grade 1 they can move up to Grace Kids Primary.

Primary: For Children in Gr 1 – Gr 6

Our primary school children get together for a time of games, singing and a creative and relevant message followed by age appropriate small group time that reinforces the message and helps them discover their faith.

When does my child move to the next age group environment? When your child goes to Grade 7, they can move up to Grace Youth. Grace Youth meets on Friday nights in school terms from 6:30pm – 9pm.

 “At Grace Youth they want to be a community of young people who are passionately following Jesus and they want to live lives that compel others to do the same.” How this happens is they meet on Friday nights at the uMhlanga Campus where they create space for teenagers to explore faith, engage in praise and worship and build meaningful relationships in Small Groups at a critical point in their lives. At Grace Youth they want to create a safe space where teens can be authentic with others and actually take ownership of what they believe in.

NOTE: In our pre primary and primary environments we intentionally work to create relevant and age appropriate programs that are specifically geared towards these 2 environments. We want to help children get the most out of the hour on Sunday and give them a deep understanding of who Jesus is and who he can be for them in their lives. We would hate for any child to miss out on any part of the adventure of following Jesus because we are not reaching them at the level they are at. Therefore we invite and encourage you to partner with usin helping your children build their relationship with Jesus in a relevant way by asking you to encourage and inspire them to participate in their correct age appropriate environment.


What if my child is reluctant to go into the room? If your child is anxious about the new environment, here are 3 easy tips you can follow:

1. Arrive early as it is far less intimidating for a child to come into a quieter room than a room full of children they may not know.

2. Stay with them just until they settle.

3. Let your child bring a friend, it always helps when they know someone.

Remember if your child becomes very upset we will notify you via the screens in the auditorium so keep your tag with your unique code handy.

What if my child is sick? If your child is sick we ask that you don’t bring them to church as they may pass it on to other children.

What about snacks? At a certain time during the hour we will give the children a treat of a small bowl of flings or mari biscuits and diluted concentrate juice. If your child is allergic to any of these or if you would prefer them not to have, please alert the volunteers on duty and pack an alternative snack for your child.

How parents can reinforce what their child has learnt on Sunday

Faith at Home

At Grace we understand that there is more to leading children to Jesus than just Sundays. We don’t want your child just to have a Sunday Saviour but we want to introduce your child to an everyday Emmanuel, and that’s where your child needs you! So parents you can:

• Collect a “Faith at Home” card – These will be available at the beginning of each series from the registration desk and will detail what your child has and will learn during the series and will include some simple questions you can ask to initiate faith-based conversations at home.

• Receive our weekly newsletter via email - Just ask us and we will send it to you

• Follow Grace Kids @gfckids on Facebook … and @gfc_kids on Instagram  - These social media pages are especially designed just for parents to give you any information about what’s happening @ Grace Kids as well as valuable information, insights and inspiration on how you can thrive as a parent and not just survive!

Other stuff for kids

What Else does Grace Kids Do?

  • Baby Dedication
  • Baptisms
  • Annual Kids Camp
  • Annual Combined Holiday Club.



Our words have the power to build people up or break them down! Through this series we hope to help your children discover just how powerful their words are and help them think before they speak so that they use their words thoughtfully, carefully and kindly!



Making goodbyes easier

Teary and tantrum filled goodbyes are a common part of a child’s early years. Understanding what your child is going through and having a few coping strategies can help both of you get through it.

What can trigger separation anxiety?

As children grow into the more independent toddler phase, he/she will be even more uncertain about being separated from you. This is leaving your child results in you crying, clinging to you and resisting attention from others. The timing of separation anxiety varies widely from child to child. Some go through it between 18-24 months and some never experience it, whilst others only show it at times of stress such as changing schools, a new sibling, moving house, or tension at home (a major cause). The timing of separation anxiety depends on your child and how you respond.

How does separation anxiety affect your emotions?

You might experience different emotions. It can be gratifying to think that your child is so attached to you but it is more likely that you will feel (unnecessarily) guilty. Keep in mind that your little one’s unwillingness to leave you is a good sign that healthy attachments have developed between the two of you. Remember that children do understand the effect that this behavior has on you. If you come running into the room every time your child cries and then stay there longer or take them into church with you, your child will continue to use this tactic to avoid separation.

Steps to help making your goodbye easier

Step 1: 

Timing is everything. A happy and well-rested child will settle easier.

Step 2: 

Practice being apart from each other and introduce new places gradually. This may mean staying in Grace Kids with them for your first few visits.

Step 3: 

Be calm and consistent. Stay calm and show confidence in your child and his/her surroundings. Smile! Reassure your child that you will be back using concepts that he/she will understand, e.g. “I’ll be back after snack time”.

Step 4: 

Leave without fanfare. Once you have said goodbye go… do not stall.

Step 5: 

Follow through on promises by coming straight through to Grace Kids to collect your child immediately after the service.

Step 6: 

Collect your child as calmly as you dropped them off and praise them for being good while they were away from you.

Remind yourself that although the experience might seem unsettling separation anxiety gives your child a chance to develop coping skills and a little independence.


New parents are often struck with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and responsibility for their new baby and feel compelled to make a definite response to God over these emotions. Dedicating your child provides a platform for you to begin a partnership between God and the Church in raising your children.

At Grace we believe that the primary spiritual influence in a child’s life is their parents. We would therefore like to partner with you and give you tools to help you speak about, and model your faith at home so your child can discover and develop a meaningful and authentic relationship with Jesus.

Baby dedications is the first step in this journey. We believe that Baby Dedications is not a tick-the-box traditional practice but rather an incredibly intentional act to:

  1. Praise God and thank him for the gift of your baby.
  2. Make some promises as to how you want to raise your little one and how you will model your faith to them at home.
  3. Pray for your baby, and for us to pray for you as parents and your family.

So to help you decide whether or not to have your child dedicated, the following questions are suggested for your careful consideration:

  1. Do you agree with Grace’s teaching and purpose for dedicating your child?
  2. Do you understand what it means to dedicate your child?
  3. What changes may you need to make at home if you take your child’s dedication seriously?
  4. Are you willing to make those changes?

If you still have questions or would like to know more please email our Grace Kids director Maryke on


Is your child asking to be baptised?

Watch this short clip with your child which explains everything you and they need to know about baptism.

Then you may want to ask them these questions to make sure, they are sure they want to be baptised:

Why do you want to be baptised?

Where did you hear about baptism?

How long have you wanted to be baptised?

What do you think baptism means?

Do you think baptism makes you a Christian?

Why do you think Christians get baptised?

Should you or your child need any more information on baptism please email Maryke on