host blurbs

Need a little help getting the conversation flowing in the chat? Check out some of the suggested blurbs below. You’re welcome to copy and paste them while you serve, but it’s even better to use them as inspiration and rewrite them in your own words. Happy chatting!


Welcoming Everyone:


Hi, everyone! We’re so glad you’ve joined us here at today. The next service starts in just ____ minutes, when we’ll gather together for a time of singing to God and a life-changing message. In the meantime, grab some coffee, invite a friend to join you, and hop in on the chat to say hello!


Welcome to! We’re so thrilled to be spending time with you today. How is everyone’s week going?


So glad you all joined us at today—you are loved here! We’d love to know where you are joining us from and look forward to getting to know you better.


Explaining is a community of people on a journey of discovering faith in Jesus Christ, from all over the world, and connecting with one another like never before in history. What does that mean? It means you have found a place to love God, love people and to make a difference — just as you are, right where you are, anywhere in the world. is a safe and welcoming community where you can connect with others, chat about this week’s message as it unfolds, grow in your faith, and find caring hosts that will pray with you about things that matter in your life. is a community of people from all walks of life, discovering what it means to live out our faith on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re here to hear this week’s message, to pray with someone about your current struggles, or simply to be encouraged by other followers of Jesus Christ as we seek Him together, know that you’re welcome here at! is a global community with the goal of reaching the world with the love of Jesus Christ. We sing together, share a weekly message from one of our teaching pastors, pray together, and most importantly, share in the great love God has for all of us.


Icebreaker Questions:


Where is everyone joining us from today? I’m from ________.


Is this your first time here to If so, we’d love to hear what you think so far!


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?


What’s been the best part of your week so far?


Don’t you just love the lyrics of this song?


What’s your favourite band/artist right now? What do you love about their music?


What has God been showing or teaching you lately?


Sparking Discussion:


Wow, that last point of ___________________ (teaching pastor’s name) really hit home with me! How does that resonate with you?


That was a tough question by ___________________ (teaching pastor’s name). I know I’ve struggled with that in my life. Did that connect with you too?


How do you feel this message might change the way you live?




If there’s anything going on in your life right now that you’d like prayer for, just let me know in the chat and I will invite you into a one-on-one private chat window where we can prayer together. Our team loves praying for people!


Would you like someone to listen to you and pray with you? Please let us know that you want to chat or pray in the chat window, and one of our Hosts will invite you into a Direct Chat, where they can pray with you privately, right now.


Have something you’d love someone to pray with you personally for? Have something that you want to give thanks for? We’d love to talk and pray with you one-on-one. Please let us know that you want to chat or pray in the chat window, and one of our Hosts will invite you into a Direct Chat, where they can pray with you privately, right now.  You are never alone!


The Bible App:


The Bible App is a free tool designed to help you make scripture a regular part of your day. Check it out online at or download the free app for your smartphone or tablet at You can also use it here at by clicking the word Bible under the chat window, and then clicking the Holy Bible icon!


Have you ever wanted to look up a scripture verse but couldn’t find a Bible? The Bible App is a great way to carry your Bible with you right on your smartphone, wherever you go. Download it for free at and engage with scripture like never before!


I love the Bible App and all of the reading plans it has. Even if you only have 5 minutes a day, there is a plan for you! Check it out at If you already use the Bible App, which plan are you currently reading? We love hearing about how God is speaking to you.




Did you know that each of our online services here at are run by volunteers that have a heart for serving others? We’re passionate about reaching people who don’t know Jesus Christ, and we’d love for you to join us! For more info, just click here


There’s no better time than right now to use the gifts God’s given you to help reach out to others. God calls us to serve one another and volunteering at is a great way to reach the world! Want to learn more? Just click

Together, we can go online and reach the world!


            [In a Direct Chat message]

Hi _____, you have been so helpful and welcoming in chat today! Would you consider joining our Host Team here? :) It’s an easy and powerful way to reach people all over the world with God’s love. Our team has so much fun together as we serve and grow together. Could I have your email address to send you some more information?


I know how busy life can be these days, but nothing is more fulfilling than being generous with your time. Here at, we have two different volunteer teams, and we’d love to help get you plugged in where you can use your gifts to make a difference! Click the Serve link above to help us lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Share Buttons:


A simple invite can change someone’s life forever. Check out the share buttons below the video to invite your friends to join us here at!


Who do you know that might like to join us at today? Why not use the share buttons below the video and invite them right now?


You never know who needs to hear that they are loved! Let your friends know that you’re hanging out at right now by using one of our share buttons below the video window.





Thank you to all who give to! Your generosity makes it possible for us to lead people all over the world to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. If you feel led to give today, please click the Give link at the top of the page.


You can be confident that each gift that you give here at, no matter how big or small, goes directly toward our mission of leading people to Christ. Your generosity plays a part in every story of life change that happens here! To partner with us as we go online and reach the world, click the Give link at the top of the page.


The Bible asks us to give our first and our best back to God, and He will bless the rest. We return to the Lord 10% of what He’s given us because it belongs to Him. If you’re not tithing already, we encourage you to start today! Click the Give link at the top of the page.



Inviting Back:


Thanks everyone for being here today! Our team is here at the same time and same place every week. We’d love to see you back here next week!


We are so glad you chose to spend some time with us here at today. Please come back and see us next week. Bring a friend, because we truly believe that whoever finds God, finds life!


Thanks again for joining us today! Even though this service is ending, we are on hand for those who would like to connect or have someone pray with them for any struggles you’re facing right now. Let us know that you would like to chat or pray, and we will invite you into a private, Direct Chat session.

* be aware that Direct Chats may be terminated when the Video Director ends the stream



Some Lines to Avoid:


“Please don’t share personal information in the chat. This is not a safe place.”


We don’t have to be the chat police. Instead, try: “Hi _____, you’re welcome to share your contact information here—just be mindful that this is a public chat area. We’re so glad you’re here!” You can even ask if you can sign up their email address for the newsletter, using the Connect button at the top of their screen.


“If you won’t behave, I’ll have to mute you.”


This sounds more like a threat than a friendly reminder to be respectful. Instead, try: “Hi ____, we want to be a safe and comfortable place for all who attend. I know you’ll enjoy the vibrant and caring community we have here! We hope you experience His love like never before today.” If the guest continues to disrupt the experience, try approaching them in Direct Chat. Remember: muting should be a last resort, not a first response.


“We don’t talk about that here.” or “We don’t have what you’re looking for here.”


This might turn someone away from the site who is searching for a temporary solution to their emptiness and pain. Instead, try: “Hi, _____! We’re so glad you found us today! Where are you joining us from?” Sometimes just ignoring an inappropriate comment and asking a question is all it takes to redirect the conversation. Hopefully, the guest will stay and find true fulfilment in Jesus!


“We are a church. Please treat this place with the respect it deserves.” or “If you can’t be civil, then please go somewhere else to be insulting.”


We can’t expect people who don’t know Christ to live up to the standards He’s set for those who follow Him. Ask God to help you interpret their anger or hostility as a cry for help, as people who berate others are usually very lonely and desperate for love. Try responding with grace and love: “Hi, ____! Everyone is welcome here at, and we’re so glad you’ve joined us today. Know that this is a place where you can grow close to God and experience His love like never before. How is your day going so far?”