It’s time to stop worrying about money! 

The six week Financial Peace University (FPU) course is the proven plan to help you keep a budget, beat debt, and build wealth! Dave Ramsey and his team of financial experts teach every lesson with biblical wisdom, and you’ll get support and encouragement along the way. FPU includes your workbook and a free year of Financial Peace Membership, an online tool kit to support your journey. 

Continue below for registration info and FAQs.


Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past! Listen—there’s a better way! Join a Financial Peace University group, and we’ll learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future . . . together! Interested?

Financial Peace University is run over 6 weeks at each of our Grace campuses, starting on the 6th of May.

Register HERE to join a group at your campus.


Is there a cost?

If you are doing FPU as an individual, there is a cost of R780.00 which includes the cost of the course and one manual.

If you are doing FPU as a family/household/couple, you’ll pay R780.00 which includes one manual. If you would then like additional manuals for each person, these will be charged at R80.00 a manual.

Read more about Family Membership Fee below.

This cost is a 70% discount for Grace Family Church.

How does the family membership fee work?

In Financial Peace University, a family is defined by a family using one budget. For example, a mom, dad and teenage child who all live under one roof and use one budget. It does not include extended family members who run their own household budgets.

In order to cover costs, there is an initial Family Membership Fee of R780.00 and if family members would like their own manuals this will be charged at an additional fee of R80.00 per manual.

Why should we pay?

Two reasons:

Firstly, this cost gives you an FPU Manual and incredible access to a number of online resources and tools like debt snowball calculators, budgeting tools and so much more. You can check these all out HERE

Secondly, we believe that 20% of change in the area of finances comes through knowledge and 80% of change comes through a shift in our behaviour towards our finances. By placing a Rand value on this material, one is more likely to take ownership of the course, and in turn is more likely to complete the course and stick to the principles learnt.

Should we get additional manuals for each person doing the course?

We do suggest getting a manual for each person doing the course.

It has information, principles, activities and personal questions that will help you process the content and apply the steps to your life.

You will be able to add the manuals during your registration process. 


What if I can’t afford it?

We have a number of different options if you’re in this space.

We do encourage you to try and pay the full amount, you can do this by either:

  • Requesting a payment plan and paying it off monthly. This builds a healthy habit of planning and budgeting. You can request this by emailing
  • Raise sponsorship, ask friends, family and others to help cover your cost. You can get the details by emailing

But, because we really do believe this will be a meaningful course in the life of our church, we will endeavour to subsidise people who can’t afford it. There is a limited amount of funding and your GroupLife Pastor and Campus Pastor will engage with you directly around this. If you would like to request a subsidy, please email