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  • Spiritual gifts assessment

    Know where your spiritual gifting lies. Take this assessment then contact us on, to discuss where best you can serve at Grace. 

    Complete the Spiritual Gifts Assessment HERE

    Download the individual Spiritual Gift explanations CLICK HERE.

  • Grace kidS 

    Resources for Parents


    Follow us on Facebook page for great tips and advice for parents as well stay up to date with what's happening in 'The Greatest Hour of the Week' this Sunday. 

    For the Grace Kids Facebook page click here:   

  • Container ministry newsletter

    The Container Ministry is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation. It operates out of Durban, South Africa, under the auspices of Grace Family Church. The Container Ministry receives containers of donated goods mostly from overseas, and distributes it to missionaries and/or Christian agencies, who in turn distribute directly to needy communities in their area of ministry. They produce a fortnightly newsletter tells the stories of where these goods end up and how they helped. 

    CLICK HERE to download the latest newsletter. 

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  • counselling

    You will find great resources for counselling, addictions, grief support, parenting, and much more on the Grace Counselling website also connect with Grace Counselling on Facebook click here

  • Youversion

    Get the entire Bible on your mobile device for free. Use this LINK to download the Bible application to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android device and have a really awesome resource with you, wherever you are.


    For a great online Bible website, complete with commentaries, concordance and strong search capabilities CLICK HERE. Now also available for iPad and iPhone at no charge from the iTunes Store.


    Grace Family Church makes use of Planning Center Online to schedule our volunteer teams that make our services happen. This short user tutorial video, CLICK HERE, will give you, the team member, a concise introduction to using this simple Internet based tool. 

  • Referral guide

    Have you ever been in a situation where you want to help someone but you are not equipped to do so? This referral guide puts help in to your hands.

    If you encounter someone in the Durban area in desperate need of help; food, accommodation, healthcare, support, skills development, etc - you can help them contact one of these organisations specialised to assist in these areas.

    Download the referral guide HERE