In 2019, South Africans have experienced a wave of violence in general, and gender-based violence in particular. Gender-based violence has been an epidemic in South Africa for years, and is escalating. Add to this the systemic “violence” of growing inequality, unemployment and corruption, and it calls for a response from all sectors of community. 

Firstly, we call on everyone in our community to:

1. Actively promote peace and unity (both on social media and in our daily lives), 

2. Report any injustice or criminal activity to the SAPS and not deal with this informally

3. Be thoughtful and responsible as you share social media reports, which can often spread negative and false information. This causes panic and fear, and can even result in loss of life.  Recognizing that our words hold the potential for LIFE or DEATH, we sincerely ask and pray that we would thoughtfully weigh our words, and carefully consider our actions. 

To this end, we as Grace Family Church would like to respond both prayerfully and practically. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we want to highlight and partner with people who are already on the ground addressing these issues. Get together with your friends, family, and small group to find a way for us to make a difference.

With regards to action, we invite you to respond with Prayer, Presence and Practical help.

*to download the following information CLICK HERE


If you’re in a small group, why not meet together as a group and pray for our country? If you are not connected to a group, please click here to get connected.

In addition, for the month of September, Karen Lombard will be hosting the following two prayer meetings with a focus on praying for South Africa.

Contemplative Prayer

  • Monday nights

  • 6:00-6.30pm

  • Grace Family Church, uMhlanga Campus, Room 109

  • Wednesday mornings

  • 8.30-9:00am

  • Grace Family Church, uMhlanga Campus, Room 109

Contact Karen Lombard for more info: +27 83 775 2188


Thursdays in Black

In the 1980’s Thursdays in Black became an international human rights campaign supported by the World Council of Churches as a peaceful way of saying, “I support the human right of women to live in a world without violence, rape and fear.”

Thursdays in Black encourages everyone, men and women, to wear black every Thursday as a sign of the support, and we invite you to do the same.

Marches and Vigils

This Saturday, 7 September, there are various marches, vigils and protests happening around the city of Durban. 

Here are some that you may want to attend:

Justice For Women March

  • Saturday 7 September

  • Bike and Bean, 9am

  • We will walk from Bike and Bean to Circus Circus and back on the promenade. 

  • Join us in support of our broken, hurt and fallen sisters across South Africa. We march at 09:00 after a minute of silence for our fallen sisters.  MEN WELCOME! Please wear black!

ACCOUNTABLE: Step Out, Step Forward and Step Up

  • Saturday 7 September

  • Afro’s on the Beachfront, 9am

  • This is a chance for men to acknowledge that men are the primary agents of violence enacted upon women, children and LGBTIQA peoples.

  • Dress all in black. From Afros we walk to Circus Circus to meet up with the women of the Justice For Women March. There we join them for their return leg back to their start at Bike & Bean Durban.

Human Chain to End Femicide

  • Organised by the KZN Network for Violence Against Women and Children

  • Saturday 7 September

  • 9am

  • MiniTown, Snell Parade

  • We will meet at Mini town and will form a human chain from there to SAPS Provincial Offices on Mahatma Ghandi Road

  • Wear black and no shoes...we are in mourning..

  • Make your own placards


The following organisations have been recommended as NPO’s and communities who are assisting with the prevention of and response to Gender-Based Violence.

Please connect with them directly regarding volunteering, financial support and donations.

The Access to Justice Association

  • We need volunteers (lawyers, mediators, doctors, psychologists, administrators, friends, funders) and we need to get the message to victims and/or friends and family. We will be facilitating suing for damages or where appropriate constituting restorative justice processes in which the victim is centered.

  • Tracy Lomax:

Arise Family

  • Our team of psychologists and social workers are able to deliver high-quality, evidence-based intervention at no or low cost to participants through financial partnerships with individuals and organisations that share our conviction that stronger families are the foundation for a stronger society. Our family-based therapeutic counselling work addresses common issues of abuse, neglect, addiction, depression, anxiety, and the effects of trauma in resource-poor communities.

North Durban Victim Support

  • We are a group of volunteers who offer Trauma Debriefing to Victims of Crime as well as support to our local hospitals. Our contact number is 0664838589 and is available 24/7.   We have a Victim Friendly Facility at Durban North Police Station and this allows those in need to be debriefed in a safe and confidential environment


  • SafePlace is working to meet the need of an immediate place of safety for vulnerable people in communities around the Port Shepstone area, Many of the people we serve are victims of abuse, gender-based violence, rape, and sexual assault.

  • The SafePlace Model seeks to not only protect people from dangerous situations, but wholistically bring change by eliminating fear of violence and empowering leadership and community. 

Zoe Life

  • Bridging the gaps in broken systems

  • Developing strong and nurturing support networks.

  • Bringing wholeness to individuals, families and communities.