At Grace Youth we are Passionate about the Teenagers in our Community! We
believe that Life is Better Together and how we put that into practice is in two ways.
1. Groups 
Groups/Youth Small Groups are super awesome space to meet with like-minded
teens like you. In every group there is either one or two Youth Leaders ready to
journey with you and do life with you.
Groups happen every Friday during each school term on Friday at 19:00pm  

2. Once a Month Gathering.
Gatherings happen once a month. All the Teenagers in our Community from our four
Campuses get to meet together for a night of Fun and Games, Worship and a Topic
we going to discuss in that Month.  

We encourage all the teens in our Community to take the next step, which is to get
involved at Youth. How you can do that is to send us and email at or you can follow us on Instagram @graceyouth031 and send us a DM.

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