A big welcome to all parents!
We want to partner with you as you raise your children in faith.  One way we can do this is by connecting with you. We have great resources available for you and would love to encourage and support you on this journey. Click on the link below to leave us your details if we don't already have them.
What's up @ Grace Kids?⁠
We're going on a Super Fun Adventure with your kids this month. 

Pre Primary
In Pre-Primary, your kids will be discovering in, "Awesome Artist", that the most amazing work of art is the one we see in the mirror each day - people!  God made everything, but people are God's most wonderful creation because we are the only creation made in God's very own image.  God made us to think and figure things out, to create and invent, and to help others - just like God.

This month, in "EPIC", your Primary kids will be discovering that love starts and ends with God.  Love has always been the point of how God has interacted with the world.  Since the beginning of time, God's love has always been on display.  But God's love isn't just about what happened in history.  God loves us today!  And we have the chance to share God's love with others.  We know that God loved us first.  God loved us enough to send Jesus for us.  In response, we can show how much we love God by loving others and showing people how much they matter to us....

Faith at Home
Guess what? You can be part of the Adventure too - by continuing the conversation at home during the week... Just click on the button below to find out more


All you need to know about Sundays at Grace Kids.
At Grace Kids we are passionate about reaching the next generation in an age appropriate and relevant way to help them discover and develop a meaningful and authentic relationship with Jesus so that they will grow up confident and unafraid, knowing who they are and whose they are believing they were created on purpose for a purpose.


Taking your child's Sunday into Monday
At Grace Kids we believe that a parent is the primary spiritual influence in a child’s life, what you model for them and teach them at home will have far greater impact on their faith journey than the hour on Sunday we get to spend with them. This is why we want to partner with you to help your children discover and develop a meaningful and authentic relationship with Jesus. Click below to link to our Faith at Home content.


Helping parents thrive not just survive.
At Grace Kids we believe that every parent wants to do their best to help their children be their best in all spheres of life. For your child to thrive, you need to thrive and so we want to help put tools in your hands so that you can thrive as a parent and not just survive. Click below to link to our Parent Tools page.