We believe parents today want to be good parents, if not great parents, and they want their children to grow up in a supportive and nurturing home environment. Parents are also open to bringing more of God into the home because they know God can help them. But they simply just don't know how to because it wasn't part of their environment when they grew up. Sound familiar? 

That's why we want to help you with the "how" you can bring faith into the center of your home.

Why do we want to help you? Because we care about your children and therefore we care about you. Statistics show that many young adults are walking away from faith in alarming numbers because many have grown up in hypocritical environments where faith is something you outsource to the experts, express only in church and is something you only do in church and not at home. And they are saying, "If that is what Christianity is, then I don't want anything to do with it. 

We don't believe this problem is due to bad or ungodly parenting, just that parents are unprepared to raise their children spiritually and don't know how. That's why we want to partner with you to help your children discover and develop a meaningful and authentic relationship with Jesus.It's nice to meet you!

Of the 168 hours in a child’s week, the church on average only gets one of them, leaving 167 hours remaining, most of which are spent with their families. This has to cause us to stop and answer the question, “Who is to be the primary spiritual influence in a child’s life?” Who do you think has the most influence? Who do you think has the most opportunity to infiltrate the heart and mind of a child with the truths of God and life-long godly habits and Christian character? The obvious answer is – the parents. The key to raising godly children has to start first and foremost at home. 

These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. - Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (NIV)

In other words, training your children in the ways of God is to become a regular, and even daily, way of life. It is your responsibility to “feed them, clothe them, and educate them” as well as grow them spiritually. As you grow spiritually, you teach them. And the deeper that you develop your own relationship with God, the easier it becomes for you to naturally pass that on to your children. The spiritual training of our children is supposed to be an everyday part of life, not something you simply relegate to Sundays.

So what does this look like practically? And how do you practice Faith at Home?



Taking your child's Sunday into Monday by grabbing a Faith at Home card at Grace Kids, so you can read about what your kids have discovered each Sunday and chat about it during the week, following the simple conversation starter on the card.


Having faith based conversations around the dinner table, on the way to or from school, at bed time.


We've compiled a resource around blessing your children, from Focus on the Family. This blessing has five distinct elements to build up your sons and daughters and help them understand their worth in your family and before God. Those five elements are: appropriate and meaningful touch; words of love and acceptance; value placed on the child; acknowledgement of a special future; and genuine commitment.


This resource includes an understand of what prayer is, why we pray, how to pray with your children, and other helpful pointers. 


Family devotions are only a piece to the puzzle, but it is an important piece that can be a catalyst for helping our kids learn and love God and His Word.


Children will follow what you do more than what you say and if they can see something is important to you it will become important to them.


Encourage your kids throughout the week with some scriptures you can print, cut out and pop in their lunch box... Scripture can really help us in scary, uncertain times or when facing hard things and can be an anchor for our day...
And you need to do all of this, in the context of and with this very important thing in mind...
To teach your kids about faith doesn’t mean you have to come from a place of having “arrived” yourself - actually the greatest gift is to be a parent en route, in progress, in process. You are there to build a foundation in your kids. Not a finished product. Faith is yours to introduce to your kids in the size and space and understanding that matches their minds, and not yours from your own journey to force into the constructs of their hearts and souls. The story is better when it’s theirs to own, and not yours to dictate.

For the tools of how to practice faith at home through some of the above mentioned 6 ways, please click on the practice you would like to read up on to start implementing in your home.

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